Originally from Rome, old-world Italian desserts lover Stefano Quilli, created Vaniglia e Cioccolato gelateria almost 10 years ago when settling in Pembroke Pines, Fl. He subsequently set up in a different location Vaniglia e Cioccolato Lab (where all the gelato/sorbetto are made) to share his passion of gelato making with the world, refusing to take any shortcut. He prides himself on serving only the finest quality gelato, reminiscent of his own childhood, growing up in Italy.

Most 10-year old kids ask for a bike. Stefano asked for a gelato maker. Mastering the art and science of fine gelato making has been a lifetime passion. Professionally, he has dedicated the last two decades to meticulously handcrafting premium gelatos in the age-old Italian tradition, a journey that’s taken Stefano from his native Rome, where he owned Crema & Cioccolato, and led him to South Florida, which has satisfied one of his lifelong cravings — settling down in America.


The “lab” offers an age-old Italian dessert tradition, that’s handcrafted in South Florida. Featuring:

  • Four retail locations in the South Florida area under the sub-brand Vaniglia & Cioccolato.
  • Wholesale arrangements servicing local/regional cafes, restaurants, hotels, and traditional ice cream establishments.
  • Gelato Lab Kits, ready-to-prepare commercial and private-use kits featuring the same quality, depth of flavor, and the texture of authentic gelato.
  • Gelato-a-Casa, residential delivery subscription service adapted for the at-home gelato aficionado.
  • Gelato Vending Machine : Our unique vending machine dispensing fresh gelato cups offered as a stand alone or optional with a Gelato store.
  • Licensing/affiliations : In the Us and select overseas markets, expansion plan to offer the same premium brand quality with a competitive “turnkey” model.
  • Vaniglia e Cioccolato Lab: this is where our gelato is made.

Antonio Benevolenza was born in Switzerland and grew up in France and Italy. With more than 20 years of proven experience growing regional, national, and international businesses, Antonio Benevolenza focused on developing the ideal strategy to place Gelato Lab/ Vaniglia & Cioccolato at the forefront of the industry.

Antonio believes in the superior quality of Vaniglia & Cioccolato and its potential for growth. His innovative approach was just the thing the “lab” needed, that little piece of the puzzle that was missing. The combined talent of Benevolenza & Quilli are allowing them to re-introduce people to real gelato by melding Italian old world flavors with modern day technology.