What is Sorbetto?


With historic origins in Sicily, Sorbetto is a wonderful, traditional Italian ice dessert. It’s a perfect accompaniment to a simple, or gourmet, summer meal. Light, fresh, and frozen, Sorbetto is made with water, fruit (or even chocolate), and sugar. Sorbetto definition is simple, it is a frozen dessert that never contains eggs or dairy — making it the perfect treat for those who enjoy a lighter treat as well as vegans.

Lemon Sorbetto is particularly popular as a frozen dessert alternative. Made with water, sugar, fresh lemon juice, and lemon zest, it particularly makes an impressive finale to a seafood entree.

Chocolate Sorbetto brings the richness and comfort of chocolate to the cold, refreshing nature of Sorbetto. For many, the blend of chocolate and Sorbetto creates the best of both worlds.